June 25, 2019

Metro Chat - London, New York, Paris and Rome - Podcast 55

Image: Seanfoneill, (CC By-SA 2.0)

Well, it's the podcast you've all been waiting for.  Okay, maybe it's the podcast some of you have been waiting for?  Fine.  It's the podcast a select few of you have been waiting for.  It's the one where we talk about the London Underground system versus the New York City Subway, Paris Metro and Rome Metro.  Now, we're not train or station aficionados by any means, so if you hear something we say that's wrong, by all means correct us on our Facebook group.  It's been a while since we've taken a ride on any of the aforementioned trains or been in the stations, so our information may be slightly out of date.  Have a listen to our latest podcast and then let us know which system is your favorite of those we mentioned.

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