June 11, 2019

ICE CREAM (Part 2) - Podcast 51

Image: The Impulsive Buy (CC By-SA 2.0)

Hello again.  Back for some more creamy sweetness, I see.  Well, if you heard our previous podcast you already know how fired up we get when we talk about ice cream, so get ready for another half hour of mouth-watering ice cream talk, this time about specific flavors, like the one pictured above.  Now, I have never seen this distinctly British flavor for sale in America, but pictures don't lie.  Or, at least this one doesn't (I don't think it does anyway.), there it is, the very American ice cream brand, Blue Bell, pushing Rum Raisin on an unsuspecting public.  WHO NEEDS RAISINS IN THEIR ICE CREAM?  It's just weird.  It's just wrong.  And no.  I'm all for raisins in cookies, in cereal, in bread, but wouldn't they go all rock-hard in ice cream?  I don't think I'll be finding out, thank you very much.  You can keep your Rum Raisin ice cream, Britain, we Americans will stick to our Rocky Road.  Thank you and good night!  ...Wow.  That really escalated and I never meant for it to and now I'm out of space to talk about the rest of this podcast.  You'd better just listen.

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