May 28, 2019

First Impressions of America - Podcast 47

Dominic taking a trip on Route 66

This podcast is all about Dominic's first impressions of America, as a British person visiting the US for his first time in 2008.  Just as a side note, this podcast will focus on Dominic's impressions of Texas, specifically, as we didn't travel outside of the state his first time to America.  And, while clearly 2008 was quite a while ago, he can just about remember what he thought about this country when he first got here and what he can't remember, I remember for him.  What did he think about the weather, the roads, the people?  Was America everything he thought it would be?  Will Erica be triggered by Dominic's opinions of her country?  Find out the answers to all these questions and more in our latest episode!

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