May 9, 2019

Chocolate Series 1, Episode 2: American Chocolate - Podcast 42

Photo by Erica Williams

In this episode we're discussing American chocolate and why it's hated the world over.  What?  You didn't know?  Neither did I until one day when Dominic told me how horrible it was and I Googled it, and lo and behold, the rest of the world despises our chocolate!  Nothing made it more evident than, when trying to search for a list to use in this podcast, of "The Best American Chocolate," not too much turned up.  In fact, we had to resort to using a list from a Canadian website!  I knew when going through the list that many of them sounded old fashioned, but I only just realized Twix wasn't even on the list!  We do have some good chocolate, world.  I promise.  Just stay away from Hershey bars and you'll be all right.  Once you've finished listening to this episode, let us know, by tweeting us or commenting below, what are your favorite American chocolates?

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