April 2, 2019

AncestryDNA Results - Podcast 31

Photo by Lisa Zins via Flickr, License

Have you ever had an undeniable urge to spit into a tube and then mail that tube off somewhere?  Well, Dominic and I did just that (I can sense your jealousy) and were rewarded by being told exactly where we came from.  Magic?  Perhaps, but mostly not.  No, it's called DNA and in this podcast we're talking all about each of our DNA, aka my DNA is interesting and Dominic's isn't.  Just kidding.  (Not really.)  Tune in to see if Dominic descends from an ancient tribe in New Guinea and whether Erica has DNA from literally everywhere on the planet, then let us know in the comments if you've had your DNA tested and if you were surprised about the results.

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