March 19, 2019

TV Series 1, Episode 1: Sitcoms - Podcast 27

Prop from BBC sitcom, Only Fools and Horses, taken by Karen Roe via Flickr, Fair Use License

In this podcast, we're beginning a new series on television shows from both sides of the Atlantic.  This episode finds us talking about British and American sitcoms and the number of popular American television shows that are actually remakes of British sitcoms.  We all know The Office was a remake of the British TV series with the same name, but how many Americans know classic sitcoms like Sanford and Son, All in the Family and Three's Company were also based on British shows?  But, does Britain remake American shows?  Tune in and find out what our top five favorite British and American sitcoms of all time are and then tweet us, Facebook us, or comment below your own list of favorite sitcoms.

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