February 26, 2019

Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton Feud? - Podcast 21

Mark Jones [CC BY 2.0]

Quick!  Meghan Markle or Kate Middleton?  Don't think, just pick one.  No, you can't say "both" nor can you say, "eh, who cares?" or "neither."  You MUST pick one.  Why?  We don't know really, but it's what the media demands.  In fact, the media insists we all care so much that these two are mentioned in just about every celebrity tabloid magazine, on every celebrity/entertainment news site and sometimes on the actual news too.  But are they really feuding?  What do they have to feud about?  And why was Kate a no-show to Meghan's baby shower?  I know.  A Duchess had a baby shower?  These are all important questions (yes they are) that we will do our best to attempt to answer them (or not) in this podcast.  What kinds of things do you suppose people brought the Duchess of Sussex as shower gifts?  Let us know in the comments and be sure to vote in our poll on Twitter and/or Instagram.

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