January 24, 2019

Language Series 1, Episode 1: Word Differences - Podcast 12

Hi.  Us again, and we're back with an all new series, this time about language. It's strange how different language between two English-speaking countries can be, and how the same word can have totally different meanings on different sides of the Atlantic.  For example, a British person should probably never tell Americans that they left their child's "dummy" at home.  And Americans visiting the UK probably don't want to ask a British person whether they should bring their "fanny pack" with them to go sightseeing.  After you've listened to the list of words we came up with, comment below, or Tweet or Facebook us to let us know other words you can think of that mean different things in America and vice versa.


  1. have you seen the Clerks cartoon?

    "Pack of fag"
    "you're a fag!"
    "fags a cigarette, mate"
    "im not your mate, fag!"

  2. oops, that was me. not sure why it says im unknown