January 17, 2019

Food Series 1, Episode 4: Pubs - Podcast 10

Photo by Frankenduden via Pixabay, License

In the last episode of this series, we're discussing pubs: how and where to order food, the kinds of foods you can find in pubs, who actually owns the pub, and more.  What's the difference between a pub and a bar?  What's the American equivalent of British "pub culture"?  Dominic does his best to try and convince us all that a drink called a Woo Woo actually exists.  But, whether it does or not, should you expect to be able to order one in a typical pub?  We try our best to answer all your burning questions in our tenth podcast.  Tweet us, Facebook us or let us know in the comments whether your local pub has lasagna and or chicken tikka masala on the menu!

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